Why do people get cosmetic dentistry?

If you are not satisfied with your smile, modern aesthetic dentistry can help you. This professional oral care method focuses on improving the appearance of the mouth, teeth, gums and overall smile. Common procedures include teeth whitening, veneers, fillings, and implants. Preparing for an important life event such as a wedding, meeting, job interview or promotion are common reasons why we see people for free consultations.

These are times when photos can last a lifetime or making a lasting impression can increase your chances of success. Patients arrive because some habit, such as smoking or excessive consumption of coffee and red wine, has caused stains and damage to the enamel of the teeth. It is very common for patients to enter because they feel that their teeth begin to show their age. Teeth play a vital role, both functional and aesthetic, in the body.

Because of this constant use and exposure, even minor inadequacies in a hygiene routine can worsen over the decades. Tooth decay, plaque and other oral diseases are not only unattractive to observe, but they also negatively influence our overall health. Oral diseases can affect everything from eating habits and digestive problems to respiratory health and stroke. To prevent further oral health problems or to repair the damage caused by oral disease, people choose cosmetic surgery.

If your teeth are discolored and prone to tooth decay, you can prevent them by covering them with crowns or caps, which will also restore their original shape. A common benefit is the improvement in the condition of your teeth. Cosmetic dentistry can correct any dental disorder, whether it is the result of aging, injury, or genetics. Our Gilbert Cosmetic dentist can help you get that perfect smile that will boost your self-confidence, thus improving your social performance.

If you are getting married or attending any important event, you should visit a cosmetic dentist to learn more about the treatments available to improve your wonderful smile. Therefore, it is advisable for people of all ages to consult their aesthetic dentist about the best solution to create the perfect smile. Your cosmetic dentist will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan based on your specific needs. A simpler form of cosmetic dentistry, tooth adhesion is often performed without the use of an anesthetic (except for a filling procedure) and usually only requires a visit to the dentist.

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